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We believe that our tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education and religious formation. Therefore, the School Commission, in consultation with the Parish Finance Council, accepts responsibility for recommending to the Pastor policies concerning the amount of tuition, the manner of payment, and in general, the development of policy in this area of concern. A student’s spot on the school roster will be secured by the order in which the registration forms and registration fees are received for all current school families.


February 5: Date by which all registration forms are due for all current school families.

June 5: Date by which all FACTS forms are due. A $75.00 late fee will be assessed for any FACTS form returned to the school office after June 5.

Payment Plan Options

All families shall be expected to make tuition payments according to one of three payment plans described below.  Each family’s preferred manner of payment must be submitted on an annual basis by the established deadline (June 5).  Families must submit a completed registration form and an on-line tuition agreement contract (FACTS) to complete the admissions/registration process.
FACTS forms should be completed on the FACTS website no later than June 5. Any registration forms and/or FACTS forms submitted after June 5th will result in an additional $75.00 fee per registrant. This late charge does not apply to the registration of new students.

Options for payment shall include:

  1. Full Payment:
    Under this plan the entire amount of tuition is to be paid on or before July 20, or
  2. Two Payments:
    Under this plan the entire amount of tuition is to be paid on or before two dates—July 20 and December 20.
  3. Monthly Pay:
    Under this plan the entire amount of tuition is paid monthly over a 10 month period beginning on July 20 and ending on April 20 through the FACTS Tuition Management Plan.
    Registration Fees/Book Rental Fees will be automatically deducted from your selected account on July 20 along with your first tuition/preschool fees payment.

All of these plans are an automatic payment plan made through a checking, savings, or credit card account. Those choosing this plan will authorize their financial institutions to make automatic monthly payments through FACTS on the 20th day of the month.

Late Registrations

Current families enrolling between June 5 and the 1st day of school shall be charged an additional $75.00 late registration fee per student. This charge will not be assessed to new school families.

Late Payments

It shall be the responsibility of each school family to inform either a member of the Finance Committee of the School Commission or the Principal of their request to make any changes in the amount of their monthly tuition payment expected to be paid. Without such information, the following policy will apply when tuition payments are received late.

Payment is attempted on the twentieth (20th) of each month. If payment is not received due to insufficient funds on the twentieth (20th) of the month, a second attempt will be made on the fifth (5th) of the month. If payment cannot be made on the fifth (5th), a third attempt will be made on the twentieth (20th) of the following month. This attempt will include the previous month along with the present month.

After the three attempts have been made and all have failed, a parent will be notified by the Principal that their child/children are no longer students at St. Joseph School.

Report cards and/or progress reports will not be provided for students whose parents are delinquent on tuition payments.

Permanent records will not be released at the end of the school year if parents are delinquent on tuition payments.

School families who miss a payment due to insufficient funds will be assessed a $30.00 missed payment fee by FACTS and may incur additional fees from their own financial institutions.

Non-Admission Of Students Due To Tuition Delinquency
Students whose parents are not current on tuition from the previous year will not be admitted to school.
Tuition Assistance

All Families seeking financial assistance need to fill out the CHOICE Grant forms (only Kindergarten) and/or FACTS assistance forms. A limited amount of tuition assistance is available from the parish for families experiencing economic difficulties. Normally, requests for such assistance should be made at the time of registration through the FACTS program. However, since such circumstances often are unpredictable, families should not hesitate to contact a member of the School Finance Committee or the Principal to explain the situation whenever it may arise during the year.

For the sake of your family’s security and peace of mind and for the general financial stability of our school, we encourage parents or guardians to contact the school office as soon as possible when they are experiencing economic difficulties.

All St. Joseph School families are asked to assist in helping with additional service and stewardship projects. These projects may include: working at the parish festival, PTO dinners, participate in fundraisers, volunteer at the school and or parish or other activities that help the school and the parish offset the cost of tuition assistance.

Additional Fees To Be Collected Through Facts

Afterschool Care (ASC) Fees and Lunch Fees:

Each family will be establishing a DEPOSIT ACCOUNT for both ASC and lunch. Your child’s expenses will be subtracted from your accounts twice a month—the second and fourth weeks of the month.

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