Parent and Student Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Student Testimonials


St. Joseph School provided a safe place to learn and to grow. My favorite part was the day I walked in those tan doors. I got through grades 1-5 super-fast. It seems just yesterday I was a preschooler. In Kindergarten I remember walking up the aisle with a fifth... read more


St. Joe means many things to me. It means pride—pride for the Lions, pride for our church, pride for the students and teachers. St. Joe is a great school, a wonderful place. This school also means kindness and caring. It is full of caring people who spread kindness... read more


When I think of St. Joseph School, I don’t just think of just any old school. I think of a safe, loving, and learning place to stay and grow. St. Joseph is not just about learning great academics, but we have religion, too. I know so many things about religion that I... read more